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Alaska’s Bearclaw Lodge Bearclaw Group LLC

Sport Fishing Guide
Job Description / Requirements


Good communication skills, sound work ethics, service oriented, and self-motivated. Healthy, physically fit, clean appearance, drug-free (pre-employment drug testing and random seasonal drug testing is required by U.S.C.G. regulations) and non-smoker.
Guiding experience is preferred with a sound working knowledge of fishing, fishing terminal tackle, angling methods, techniques and skills. Fly fishing and spin fishing knowledge required.

Guides are required to have a current American Red Cross (or equivalent) First Aid and CPR card.

Guides are required to have an applicable US Coast Guard License (OUVP 6 pack) or be able to qualify for a Limited OUVP license, also called a Remote Waters of Western Alaska License. This license requires 120 days of boat operating experience, (30 days can be drift boat time) a physical, drug screening and pass a two-day course. Drift boat experience can count for 70% of the boating requirements.

LICENSES – Bearclaw Lodge will purchase a State of Alaska Sport Fishing License, which is $24 for residents and $145 for non-residents, and a State of Alaska Guides License $50 for each guide. Guides must be able to pass a pre-employment drug screen and be enrolled in Bearclaw Lodge’s random drug testing through the term of employment, Bearclaw Lodge will pay for the pre-employment drug test.

SALARY: 2,000 to $ 3,500 (DOE) per month.
ROOM & BOARD: Included as part of your salary. (This does not include personal items,toiletries, medicines, etc.).

ACCOMMODATIONS: While at the lodge, the guides/crew will be housed in small private rooms with bath facilities. Laundry facilities are provided for the guides along with bedding and towels.

EMPLOYEE MEALS: Our staff enjoys hearty meals served buffet-style in the crew dining room. Some of our guides and pilots will be asked to dine in the main dining room with the guests a night or two each week. There are always snacks, cookies and other baked goods available for staff.

TIPS: Our guests stay for an entire week and we recommend that they do not tip during the 1 week, but leave their tip at the end of their stay with management. The tips are pooled together and divided amongst the crew equally. Guides, chefs and lodge staff all make the same amount.


DATES OF EMPLOYMENT: Be available for the entire season from approximately June 1 through the first week of September. Actual dates will be determined during interview. College students who have to return to school prior to September 15th should not apply.

TRANSPORTATION: We provide transportation from SEA to DLG up to $1000. We understand the initial cost of getting to Anchorage, and have a program to help with transportation. Should you not complete the season and go home early, you will forfeit this benefit and reimburse Bearclaw Lodge the cost of your plane ticket.

DAILY SCHEDULE: Breakfast is served to the guides at 7:30 am and to the guests at 8:00 am. Our crew is expected to be at breakfast on time. The guides should prepare for the day’s fishing

before breakfast and before the guest have completed their breakfast, so that when breakfast is finished they are ready and available to help out with the aircraft, boats, etc. Normally, we depart the lodge at approximately 8:30 am every morning except, to head out for fishing destinations by plane or by boat.

Each day we return to the lodge with fishermen by 5:30 pm. Dinner is generally served to the guest and the crew at 7:00 pm. When we return to the lodge in the evenings, we have airplanes to unload, fish to take care of, and equipment to put away. Guides need to be prepared to put in long days.

Fishing assignments are made the night before and are announced shortly after dinner. The guides then meet with the fishermen that they will be guiding the next day and decide on shore lunch or packed lunches, and what kind of fishing gear the guests should bring.

RESPONSIBILITIES: We require our guides to present themselves in a professional manner always. Our guests arrive on Sunday evenings and depart the following Saturday at noon. This means that we always have guests at the lodge. We will operate with a full guest schedule for 11 weeks straight. Our guides will be guiding almost every day. When our guides are not guiding for the day, we expect them to help with any of the other projects around the lodge such as chopping wood, construction, maintenance, repairs and other duties as assigned. Because of our remote location, it is very difficult to replace any of our crew. We do expect a commitment from our guides to stay the entire season. It is important that our applicants understand the operation and what responsibilities will be required of them.

ATTITUDE: Our guides have a position with very high guest exposure. It is important that our personnel enjoy people and enjoy showing the guests a good time. The macho guide or the mountain man attitude is not what we are looking for. We are looking for guides who can share knowledge in a positive format of encouragement, reinforcement and style. We would like all our personnel to have a positive attitude, show extraordinary manners, and be courteous at all times. No foul language will be tolerated as this is a characteristic of an unprofessional guide.

CONSIDERATIONS: It is important to remember that guiding is not only the act of helping clients to catch fish, but more importantly, guiding is a service industry. Our guide applicants are required to be helpful, kind, and sincere towards Bearclaw guests. Even though all our applicants share a passion for fishing, that does not necessarily make one an excellent guide. A skilled guide is one who can communicate with their clients, thereby passing on their knowledge and skill. Our guides never fish while guiding. Oftentimes, a great client day is not measured in the number of fish caught, but knowledge gained, experiences shared, and memories created.


GUIDE EXPERIENCE: We fish major rivers and smaller streams, along with lakes. Because of the tremendous variety of water and 10 different species of sport fish, there will naturally be a learning curve. Guides will go through extensive training and river orientations. We do not expect our guides to be experts on our waters at first but do expect full competency.

We are looking for guides who have past guiding experience with trout and salmon species, boat and outboard experience, as well as a well-rounded fishing knowledge including terminal tackle. Our guides must be congenial and friendly people with a positive outlook.

EQUIPMENT: We operate several 16-20 foot flat bottom river boats with 35-200 HP outboards jets. Almost every day our guides will be operating a boat. Boating safety and handling is an everyday responsibility.

FLYING: We are not a daily fly out lodge but do offer flyout opportunities. Our guides will be riding in the airplanes. Our guides should not have a fear of flying or get air sick easily.

SPECIAL NOTE: Dogs, cats and other pets are not allowed. We do not have the accommodations or the facilities to accommodate pets.



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