Alagnak Lodge: Food Prep Positions Available


Two Food Preparation Professionals.

We are accepting applications for one or both of the two positions responsible for preparing all the high-quality meals served to guests and staff at the Alagnak Lodge, a wilderness lodge situated on the Alagnak river in Southwest Alaska. Details on the lodge are available on our website   One of these positions runs from mid-June through mid-September. The other runs from July 1st through mid-September.

The quality of the food is critical to the success of the lodge. Everything is scratch cooking and baking. You will have input to the purchasing of the supplies and ingredients as well as the development of the 6-day rotating menu. We ship as many bulk items as possible by barge from Seattle at the start of the season then ship in freeze and chill periodically from Anchorage and King Salmon. The kitchen is of commercial grade with all the appropriate support equipment.

We accommodate up to 20 guests at a time and a staff of up to 17. Meals are served buffet style with breakfast from 0600 to 0700, Lunch at 1200, supper at 1800. Breakfast is a combination buffet and to order items. Lunch and supper are buffet only. Punctuality is important to maintain our fishing schedule. It is up to the guests and staff to be there when the food is ready.

The candidates will have prior applicable experience as well as:

  • have the ability to self-manage and work as a team,
  • be able to prepare high quality food and present it well,
  • be able to maintain the highest standards of cleanliness and sanitation,
  • be able to interact with guests and staff in a positive and friendly manner,
  • have the ability to periodically respond to guest specific needs,
  • be able to minimize waste
  • be able to deliver consistent performance over the full season.

We are a wilderness lodge, so you will stay at the lodge the entire duration of your employment. Transportation, food and lodging is provided as well as everything involved in the preparation of the meals.

E-mail resumes to: