West Branch Angler Resort: Staff Position Available



This is an entry-level seasonal position for someone looking to get his or her foot in the door and experience our operation and the retail/hospitality industry. This position will give you the opportunity to see virtually every aspect of daily operations at the West Branch Angler Resort and offer you ample time to play in the river.

Although the position is an entry level, it offers a huge potential for growth within the organization. Shop hands routinely get promoted within the company, become full time guides, and make connections with clients that will further their career ambitions. This position, while as important as any at the lodge, is not a glory position. It does allow individuals to learn about all phases of the lodge and its operations; you will be a “jack of all trades” throughout the season.

Applicants can find themselves working in our retail store, assisting housekeeping, maintaining the grounds and assisting with events such as wedding, group functions and daily restaurant operations while working hand in hand with our seasoned employees who are more than willing to show you the “ropes” of our operation.

Employment would start around the beginning of April. Depending on if you are local or if we are going to have an early season, the start date may be earlier.


  • Friendly, good communication skills, organized, responsible, sound work ethics, service oriented and self-motivated.
  • Basic computer and phone skills.
  • The ability to interact with clients in all areas of the resorts operations on a daily basis.
  • Healthy, physically fit, neat and clean appearance.
  • The ability to commit for a season’s work, Valid Driver’s License & Vehicle in good working order.

Submit resumes to:  order@westbranchresort.com