Call Senator Murkowski today!

Together, Southeast Alaskans formed a joint vision for the Tongass based on tourism, fishing and sustainable logging that has helped move the region past the conflict and divisiveness of the past.​ Help keep that vision in place.

After a multi-year process involving stakeholders from throughout the region, and with support from more than 7,000 Alaskan individuals and businesses, the Forest Service amended its Tongass Land Management Plan (TLMP or “T-Lump”). This ammendment set the stage for a shift to a more sustainable forest products industry in the Tongass and provided increased protections for more than 70 of our most important wild salmon watersheds within the Tongass National Forest, making them off-limits for old growth timber harvest.

Removing these protections for our most important salmon streams threatens our way of life and our economy, including the more than $2 billion commercial fishing and tourism industries in Southeast Alaska. 

Please take action now by calling Senator Murkowski. The Senator needs to hear from Alaskans that we want the TLMP amendment to stay in place because we value keeping our wild salmon watersheds intact and our fishing and tourism economy strong. Phone calls can have a huge impact on decision makers. You can make a difference with just a minute of your day.