FISHER GUIDING: Intern Position Filled

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Fisher Guiding is a startup improving the experience of booking fishing trips with guides, charters, and lodges through Our website launched in March 2017, and we are growing business in 2018 with increased recruitment and marketing efforts.

We’re hiring an intern for the summer for the primary purposes of client and customer support, recruitment research and outreach, and marketing assistance. As an intern on our team, you’ll gain startup experience and business insight within sales conversion, digital advertising, social media, search engine optimization, and organic marketing strategies. The position is available to be worked remotely or in New York City.

Task overview:
– Assist with operations and customer service, including the responsibility of answering calls to our business line. Must be organized, timely, and have excellent communication skills over the phone and email.
– Identify, recruit, and help onboard fishing guides, captains, and lodges joining the Fisher Guiding network.
– Publish content on social media and our blog. Creativity and attention to detail are necessities.

Our team is a small group of 3 full-time members, a couple part-time contractors, and one additional intern. We work flexibly and remotely, and in order to continue growing, we’re required to continuously adapt our strategies and develop new ones. There will be opportunities to contribute at a higher level where able, and new tasks may be added or become available depending on what is helping the company grow best or where your proficiencies lie.

Since you’ll be given direction remotely, we’re looking for someone who follows direction, manages their own schedule, and takes initiative.

To match the flexible nature of the internship, we are aiming for a start date by or before June 4th but will be ready to have you start as soon as available. We’d like you to be available at least through August 24th, and there is potential to continue on full-time after the internship or part-time if you are in school.