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Tower Rock Lodge

Guide Position
Job Description / Requirements

Tower Rock Lodge is a road accessible fishing lodge located on the Kenai River between the towns of Soldotna and Kenai, Alaska. We specialize in fishing packages–meals, fish processing, equipment, guided fishing, and lodging all included in one price. The lodge is particularly known for its excellent food, return staff, and laid back atmosphere. Our seasoned, but laid back guides are a crucial component to our operations. Unlike many other lodges on the Kenai peninsula, TRL does use subcontractors for river fishing charters. Our in-house guides that live on site allow us flexibility and the ability to maintain the Tower Rock brand. We do not place individuals in the guide position without prior guide experience or without at least one year of the guide trainee position under their belt. Preference is given to applicants that intend to guide as a career or seek a long term role in the lodging/fishing industry. With each returning season you will gain skills and knowledge of the fishery and Alaska outdoor travel industry. With each returning season you will also receive a higher pay and the potential for earning of season bonuses.

Required Licenses:
Much of the Kenai river is fished by powerboat, therefore this position requires a USCG six pack license. If you are willing to earn this license, we can assist you with enrollment in a class through Alaska Nautical Training School in Anchorage.
The Kenai River is unique in Alaska in that all guides are required to take a one week course that will then allow them to apply for a guide license. The class course is good for life, only needs to be taken once, and is offered through the community college in Soldotna (Kenai Peninsula College).
Outboard motor operation is a critical component to area we fish at Tower Rock. From 6 horsepower kickers mounted on the back of a drift boat, to a 115 hp jet motor on a flat-bottom sled, knowledge of motor operation and basic trouble-shooting are components to being a fishing guide in Alaska.

First and foremost you will be responsible for taking guests fishing in a safe responsible manner. Safety is a top priority, having fun comes second and catching fish comes third. However, catching fish often will take care of the “having fun” part. It is expected that you control the controllables: be prepared and have everything you need for your trip. Sometimes the fish won’t always cooperate, but you can always control being prepared.

FISH PROCESSING: We do not process our own fish at Tower Rock, but instead utilize Snug Harbor Seafoods for their fish processing services. Our fishing packages include 50 pounds of fish processing. When guests bring in fish from their trip the guide or guide trainee will put the fish in a cooler and then label with a sharpie and tape. The fish will then be taken to Snug Harbor seafoods where it will be processed. At the end of the trip, the guests will either pick up their fish on the way out of town or have it shipped to their home for an additional cost. In summary, we do not have the burden of processing fish here at the lodge, but keeping track of what fish belongs to who and delivering it in a timely manner is crucial.

The “daily schedule” is an important component to the daily logistics of the lodge. The following days schedule is emailed to every employee, posted on t.v. monitor in the dining hall, posted in the kitchen, in the sandwich prep area and in the staff area. (see daily schedule example below). It describes breakfast times, departure times, number of sandwiches, number of hot lunches, destinations, guides working and other pertinent information for guests.


SALARY: $2.500 to $ 3,000 (DOE) in June plus a $500 bonus in July and August for good performance.

ROOM & BOARD: Included as part of your salary. (This does not include personal items, toiletries, medicines, etc.) Your only living expenses while at the lodge will be personal items. There is a stocked fridge and pantry located in the employee kitchen area. Dinner meals prepared by the guides is a group effort. Lasagna, salad, burgers, pizza, grilled chicken and of course salmon are common dinners. Cereal, bread, oatmeal and other breakfast basics are around for mornings when you are not eating breakfast with the guests. Lunch and breakfast is provided by kitchen staff on days where you will be on a guided fishing trip. (If you have a dietary preference [organic, gluten free, vegetarian, non GMO] you will should be prepared to purchase these items for yourself).

ACCOMMODATIONS: Room assignment is based on tenure. It’s likely you will have a roommate in a dry cabin during your first year as a guide trainee. Most employees spend very little time in their room–most of the action is outside! The bathroom facilities are shared amongst the lodge employees. Laundry service with cleaning and folding are provided along with bedding and towels.

DAYS OFF: Seasonal work in Alaska is demanding and physical. Expect to work 40 hours a week during July and August. Be prepared to wake up early. As a guide you will have the opportunity to join guides on river trips as well as occasionally jump on halibut trips or fly outs. Most employees tend to spend their days off fishing for fun, going into town, or just hanging out at the lodge.

INFRACTIONS: A failure to execute your responsibilities, lack of preparedness or other inappropriate behavior would result in an infraction. An example of an infraction could include the following: not showing up when your presence is requested,“missing the bell,” comments from guests that you acted inappropriately, working under the influence of alcohol or other drugs that affect work performance. When an infraction occurs, the manager will fill out an infraction form, it will be signed by the employee that committed the infraction and placed in their file. Multiple infractions could result in missing out on the July bonus to termination.

Dress Standards – Our employees will be required to maintain good grooming standards. We are looking for healthy, outdoor friendly and presentable staff members. For example, no ripped jeans, sweatpants, clothes with paint on them. Company t-shirts will be provided as well as uniforms for kitchen staff.

TIPS: We do not pool guide tips. We encourage guests to tip in cash and not on credit cards. We provide guests with envelopes and they typically tip the staff at the end of their stay. If a guest tips you directly specifically stating the tip is for you, you keep it. However an envelope labeled “guide staff” will be split amongst the whole crew. Your interaction and attitude and with the guests as well as performance is what will determine your tip for the week.

DATES OF EMPLOYMENT: Be available for the entire season from approximately early -June to September 1. Actual dates will be determined from performance and guest bookings.

TRANSPORTATION: We will provide transportation from your home to Tower Rock Lodge. Lodge vehicle will also be available for shopping, running into town, or side trips. There will be work vehicles available for performing your duties. It is your responsibility for keeping this vehicle clean and presentable.

Team Effort – Our professional, hard working, and versatile staff/team members work toward a common goal of providing complete customer satisfaction. Vacation is a time for the guests to enjoy the wildness of Alaska, complete with anecdotes and AK information. Repeat visits are a result of excellent customer service as well as strong camaraderie developed between team members and guests. This relationship remains unique and distinguishes us from them. “They come as guests and leave as friends.”

Please include references with your resume.

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