Andrew Grillos: A friend in need is a friend indeed.

“On Friday morning 11/6/20, our dear friend Andrew Grillos suffered a massive stroke from a blood clot in his brain. Autumn and Andrew were flown to Salt Lake to have surgery to retrieve as much of the clot as possible. We are unsure how long Andrew will need to stay in Salt Lake, possibly needing more surgery and rehabilitation. With many unforeseen costs and uncertainty on his road to recovery, we want to help them out financially and take some stress off. We will continue to update this as things progress. Thank you for sending good thoughts, prayers, and energy to him and Autumn in this tough time.”

If you aren’t familiar with Andrew’s impact in the fish world or had a chance to fish with him, take a few minutes to get to know Andrew and you will probably find out he’s a lot like you. Loves to fish, legendary fly tyer and overall huge human being when it comes to life and sharing it.

Please take a few minutes, send your thoughts and prayers to both Andrew and Autumn as they battle to get Andrew back on his feet. If you can help support Andrew’s recovery financially, from the bottom of our heart to the top, thank you.

Get to know Andrew: