#FLIESFORANDREW: A Community Comes Together

As donations continue to arise via the hash tag #FLIESFORANDREW we would like to take a moment to thank all of those who not only are donating products, services and experiences but also participating with bids. Andrew has a long road to a full recovery and the resolve of the Fly Fishing Community to come together for one of their own is absolutely fantastic.

Please take a few moments and check out all of the wonderful items under the hash tag #FLIESFORANDREW on Instagram and help raise funds for a succesful recovery for Andrew.

Just a few of the pretty awesome items featured in #FLIESFORANDREW below!

Check out the following accounts to bid: Left to right, Top To bottom

@mattfinfeathers @flyfishingjobs

@staschewax @dakotaflyangler @repyourwater

Update Via GoFUNDME for Andrew:

November 13, 2020 by Nick English, OrganizerWe continue to be blown away by the outpouring of support, love and healing energy.

Andrew was transferred to Stroke Rehabilitation last night after the Neuro Acute Care unit, which is much faster than we expected but is very exciting! They are doing work with occupational therapy, physical therapy and speech therapy to work on swallowing. He continues to be more alert. The new unit should provide a welcome routine and continuity of care. We have great news coming in, but it’s also becoming clear just how hard this recovery will be. We are reminding Autumn how loved Andrew is and how much help they have in the coming months.

We appreciate everyones donations and sharing this out! It is truly incredible when a community comes together.
On Instagram, check the #FliesForAndrew for amazing donations of flies, art, gear, guided trips and even a slab of bacon up for grabs and bid in the comments!

Thanks everyone!